Affiliate Management for E-Commerce

Traditional Marketing: Spend budget and see revenue afterwords.
Partnership Marketing: Get Revenue & Pay per results afterwords.

Strategic partnerships

Get your technology demoed by industry leaders. We develope relationships with tech influencers for you so your tech gets the maximum exposure on podcasts. blogs, TV & social media. 

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Webinars & Podcasts

Through joint webinars & podcasts with global experts, we help businesses grow. Building an engaged audience and strengthening a brand’s credibility are two of its benefits.

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strengthen your brand

Engaging with your prospects & partners on social media ensures your brand is recognized. Communicating with them will help you win more clients and strengthen your brand.

Social engagements with prospects on social media
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Tracking & Attribution

We implement affiliates management tools to ensure working properly with all types of partners.

Setting up tracking system for affiliate program management.
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UGC Made by Influencers

User-generated content builds trust, engages customers, and provides authentic testimonials, enhancing brand reputation and driving sales.

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Connect with leading companies in your field. Make them your advocates by letting them use & implement your technology and recommend it to their clients.

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